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I have since found a local grain mill I pick up 300lbs. of non GMO grain, seeds and legumes, mix them up and still do the same as above. Just a tip though, the girls do not like Yellow Canadian Peas. Sorry Canada.

...I didn't realize how big my birds were until I have seen other people. These girls are big! Dark red combs and they laid all through the winter!! Of course it was a mild winter, but still I'm thrilled!

To keep cost down I supplement the chickens with a mix of sprouted, fermented wheat and whole oats. I purchase 50lbs of each in a metal bucket for safe keeping.

This is my 3 day system. I have 3 buckets. I will feed the chickens the first bucket, then rinse it, add 1 quart of grain per 10 chickens. Cover the grains with water until about 1/2 inch above the grains. Then I put it in the back of the line, move the next bucket to the first position, so that when I feed the chickens the bucket has been sitting for 3 days. The result is a bubbly, sprouted, soured grain. Never foul smelling, similar to a yogurt smell. They love it, I add this for the benefit of fermented grains, along with free ranging, and layer feed.