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I Believe that small independent family owned and operated farms can provide economic and food securities for the future of our country. Large Corporations know this too, and are fighting to manipulate our system, to take away our rights and would love to see it be illegal for people to grow their own food and herbs. its not hard to see our system is broken, we each need to examine what we can do to bring relief and healing to the broken system, what do you eat? where does it come from? who Grows it? how was it grown? is what we eat adding to the stress on our climate, environment, or the very people who grow and harvest what we are eating? What are you eating? it is time we examine this. DO you read labels? Are you eating chemical, or Food ? Our Café and market will offer, non gmo, organic and all natural products, food you can feel good about.  

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Classes Offered

Buying Bulk Grains

In this class I will share with you my bulk monthly grocery list and the meals I make with them. Buying in bulk allows me to purchase organic food for a fraction of the cost. It also keeps me out of the grocery store where impulse purchases can drive up cost and processed foods can be too tempting! Dinner will be served during this class.

Bread Making 101

In this class we cover the basics of bread making. This is for beginning bread makers. We start with basic white bread made from organic non-bleached naturally white unbleached flour. This class is hands on. The best way to learn how to make bread is making it! We also cover how versitilie a great bread recipe can be on the homestead, not only can a basic white dough turn out bread, but rolls, breadsticks, cinnamon rolls, pizza, doughnuts and much more. Class includes a take home dough and recipe book, and samples of course!

Intro to Essential Oils

​In this class I share with you the Essential Oils we use around our home everyday, from skin and hair to cleaning! Lots of Essential oils to smell for yourself get hands on with creating blends to use everyday. Plus the opportunity to order through our coop for wholesale prices!

Grain Grinding

​In this class you will learn how to grind your own grains for bread. We will discuss the benefits of grinding grain for bread and also how to sprout grains for bread. I will bring in several kinds of bread to taste the different methods of preparation, sourdoughs, sprouted, soaked grain and freshly ground grains. If you have never made bread before it is suggested you take Bread Making 101. Working whole grains is slightly more difficult than working with white flour so it is good to have mastered the basics as not to be over whelmed! Recipes and connections to buying grains in bulk will be included!

I have watched the blue birds on our farm, they neither plant nor sow, yet they have no worry for food. They have  beautiful healthy babies without being poked and prodded or having  to leave their home. They live and breath, eat and breed, and leave no ill effect on this world. Their needs are provided by the surrounding earth. That is how I long to live. I have no religion or agenda, I have a primarily vegan diet though I do not hold to the complete vegan mantra. I do believe that if people had to slaughter their own meat for their burger or chickens for their nuggets, this world would be a different place. It is my personal desire not to take the life of another living being. Those are just my personal feelings, I would never push my views on others, nor do I judge what other people do. I have created this website and organization to share what I have learned.

Introducing kids to a plant based diet

​In this class I will share several recipes and tips for turning kids to a plant based diet. Snacks, lunches, dinners and desserts will be covered. Easy delicious inexpensive recipes will be shared along with a great meal!